Mentorship Program

The three pillars of The North Star Project are to build community, to cultivate inspired and effective learning environments, and to develop enthusiasm for science and its relevancy to the everyday world.  A vital part of North Star’s approach to building community is a mentorship program in which a graduate student or more senior undergraduate student is paired with an individual undergraduate mentee or a small group of mentees.  Mentorship groups meet a few times every quarter in an informal environment to share coffee, tea, or just conversation.  The hope is to build a relationship where the undergraduate mentee feels comfortable to ask questions, share thoughts, ideas, and concerns, or solicit advise.

The North Star Project is partnering with the Women in Physics group at the University of Oregon to offer Mentorship for UnderGraduates Students in the physical sciences, or MUGS.  Because qualified mentors are a limited resource, participation in MUGS will be determined by an application process.  If you are interested in mentorship through MUGS, please complete the application form found below.  MUGS will adopt a rolling admissions process (i.e. no deadline), but new mentorship groups will be assigned once a quarter.  So, apply now if you’d like to join.  We encourage women and members of underrepresented groups to apply!