Summer Program

The Summer Program is the cornerstone of The North Star Project. It brings 10-15 incoming freshmen together for two weeks just before Fall term. During these two weeks, students take interactive and engaging mini-courses in physics, math, problem solving, and computer programming. North Star students will also spend time together in a modern research lab working on a hands-on project. Besides all the fun science, North Star students will also take trips to museums, the Pine Mountain Observatory, local hiking spots, and much more. As a residential program, students stay in the UO dorms during their stay and will be under the immediate supervision of North Star representatives at all times.

Important Information for Summer Program:

  • Summer Program Dates for Summer 2019: September 16-27.
  • All expenses are covered once student arrives in Eugene with North Star. This includes all housing, meals, tours, materials, etc.
  • Students will stay together in one of the on-campus dorms (not necessarily their fall dorm assignment). Graduate student residence assistants will be with you overnight.
  • The Summer Program will consist of:
    • Separate math, physics, and problem solving courses co-taught by two graduate students and faculty.
    • Daily hands-on experience in a physics research lab.
    • Lab tours on campus.
    • Overnight trip to Pine Mountain Observatory.
    • Games during the day and at night.
    • Study sessions at night.

Some Benefits of Summer Program and North Star:

  • Get on campus early, get your books, get help choosing the right classes.
  • Meet other incoming undergraduates interested in studying science.
  • Make new friends and future study groups before classes even begin!
  • Meet existing undergrads majoring in physics or other science disciplines.
  • Get prepared for your Fall term classes; the summer program courses will sharpen and develop your math, physics, and problem solving skills.
  • Work on a research project and gain hands on experience working in a modern research lab.
  • Meet graduate students who will help teach your classes that you take as an undergraduate student.
  • Meet faculty that teach the classes you take as an undergraduate student and run scientific research groups.
  • Learn about the cutting-edge science research happening on the UO campus.
  • Become a part of a supportive, inclusive community in science.