Courses and Programs

The North Star Project aims to strengthen the physical sciences and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) by creating learning environments and a culture that attracts and retains inspired, enthusiastic, and talented students from diverse backgrounds.  The North Star approach includes:

  • The Summer Program.  A two-week summer program for incoming undergraduates that builds friendships, community, and science skills.  It is a fantastic way to get ready for your first year of college at the UO!
  • Mentorship Program.  Meet with your graduate student mentor about once a month and talk about classes, life, whatever you want.  Mentors are there to listen and provide guidance and advise to help you succeed in life.
  • Research Lecture Series.  Professors from physics and other sciences deliver talks that are intended to maximize your understanding of their research.  The professors hang out before the talks too, so that you can get to know them as people and as scientists.
  • Office Hours.  Meet with North Star graduate and undergraduates to get help with your courses from people you already know and feel comfortable with talking to.
  • North Star Research Fellowships.  Get paid to do research with a professor in physics or in the sciences.
  • Social Activities:  Dinners, game nights, movie nights, research slams, and much more.